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Amigurumi Mirabel The Doll Free Crochet Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

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Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Doll
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Designer: @atelierlechatsimone

Materials needed (for the entire recipe)

• Amigurumi yarn or similar in colors: pink, beige, white, black, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, brown. The references used were respectively: 3182, 7650, 8001, 8990, 2927, 2930, 2931, 7220.

• Cléa mixed thread 9233 and 9976 (to embroider the dress) and pink (to make the skirt tassels) and purple embroidered thread (for the earrings)

• 2.5 or 3.0mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, embroidery, 10mm keyholes, hot glue, stuffing, wire for the arms (thicker but optional) and the wire for glasses

(soft, green, found in haberdashery or jewelry).


Ch – chain

Pb – single crochet

Pc – slip stitch, slip stitch

BLO – Peel up back

Dec – Decrease

Inc – increase in single crochet

AP – treble crochet

Pp – popcorn stitch

AumPA – increase with PA

Using Amigurumi yarn and a 3.0mm crochet hook, the piece is about 28cm tall.

Legs (2x)


in the pink. 5 ch R

1 . ch 2, sc 3, sc 3 in last stitch, sc 3 on the other side of ch (9) R

2-4 . 9sc (9)

Heel and Ankle

Let’s start the sole of the heel in small rows back and forth:

R 5 . Plus one 1sc, turn, 4sc (5) R

6 . Ch1, turn, sc 4 ​​(4) R

7 . 1ch, turn, skip 1 stitch, 3sc (3) R

8 . 1ch, turn, skip 1 stitch, 2sc (2)

Now we go back to the spirals to weave around this opening, forming the heel. Color change appears. in parentheses:

V 9 . (pink) 2sc on the side of the foot, (beige) 2sc on the side of the foot, 1sc, 1dc, 2sc, 2sc on the other side of the foot, (pink) 4sc R

10 . (still pink) 2sc, (beige) 4dc, (pink) 1dc, 2sc. continue towards the toes with 1dism in the two pink stitches.

Continue only in beige. Place the stitch marker at the next stitch. Go filling.

V 11-14 . 8sc (8) R

15 . 1aum, 7sc (9)

V 16 . 9sc (9)

V 17 . 7sc, 1inc, 1sc (10) R

18-22 . 10bp (10)

In the next Veira we will do the elevation that corresponds to the knee with high points. Remember that the knee must be facing forward!

V 23 . 3sc, 1inc AP, 1dc, 3sc, 1dm (10) R

24 . 2sc, 1inc, 1dc, 2sc, 1inc, 2sc (11) R

25 . 2sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 2sc (13) R

26-28 . 13sc (13)


F 29-30. 13sc (13) R

31 . 6sc, 1inc, 6sc (14) R

32-34 . 14pb (14)

Tip! On this last row, make more or less stitches so the last stitch is between the legs. The twist that occurs naturally can be larger or smaller depending on the point, so it is important to adjust. ***

upper legs

Keep blank

In the second leg, go up 3scr and join with 1sc in the other leg. Place the marker here, this is the first stitch of the new row.

V1 . 14sc in leg, 3sc in ch, 14sc in other leg, 3sc in ch (34) R

2-4 . 34bp

V 5 . (9sc, 1dc)x3 (30) R

6 . (4sc, 1dc)x5 (25) R

7 . (3sc, 1dc)x5 (20)

If you’re not in the middle of the back, continue a few more stitches until you get there. Change to light blue

V 8 . 20sc (20) R

9 . 20 BLO (20) – attention – important to do in BLO because it is here that we then button up our skirt!

V 10 . 20sc

With the black thread tie Mirabel’s shoe.

Arms (2x)

Do not fill start with beige

V 1 . 6sc in the magic ring

V 2 . 6bp

V 3 . 1sc, 1sc (only with 3 sticks), 4sc (6) R

4-7 . 6sc (6) R

8 . 5sc, 1inc (7) R

9-12 . 7sc (7)

V 13 . 6sc, 1inc (8) R

14-15 . 8sc (8) R

16 . (black) 8sc (8) R

17-20 . (white 8sc (8)

Continuation of the Body

Continue from hip, row 10.


R 11 . 20BLO

F 12-16 . 20sc

V 17 . 8sc, (1inc, 1sc)x4, 4sc (24) R

18-19 . 24bp

V 20 . 8sc, (1dm, 1sc)x4, 4sc (20)

Now, place your arms at your sides with your thumbs forward.

V 21 . 6sc on body, 8sc on left arm, 11sc in front of body, 8sc on right arm, 3sc on body (36) R

22 . (1sc, 1dc)x12 (24)

Close the underarm holes with the tapestry needle and white thread.


V 23 . 12dism em BLO (12)

Cable insertion is optional. Take care to seal with the tape at the ends. I left the double thread with the two ends meeting in the middle, protected with silver tape. The ends reach the wrists of the doll.

V 24 . 6dec (6)

Blouse Neck


Do this before making the head, on the front loops of round 22.

R 1 . 24aum (48)

V 2-3 . 48bp

V 4 . (3sc, 1dc)x10 (38)

Black R

5 . 38sc Embroider

some cross stitches in black that will match the butterflies.


Light blue

Work in the front loops of row 8. We will not work in spirals, always at the beginning of each row, pick up ch 2 and at the end fasten with a pc.

V1 . (1PA, 1aumPA)x10 (30)

V 2 . (2PA, 1aumPA)x10 (40)

V 3-5 . 40PA Medium


V 6 . 40PA

V 7 . (3PA, 1aumPA)x10 (50)

V 8-9 . 50PA

Dark blue

V 10-1 3. 50PA

V 14 . Don’t go up cad. (skip 1 stitch, 4sc in the same stitch, skip another stitch, 1ch)x12. Make 6 mini tassels and glue them to the bar.


Finished the body, we go to the head. Continue after round 24.


V 1 . 6sc (6) R

2 . 6aum(12)

V3 . (1sc, 1aum)x6 (18) R

4 . (2sc, 1aum)x6 (24)

V 5 . (3sc, 1aum)x6 (30)

V 6 . (4sc, 1inc)x6 (36)

Insert a piece of hot glue tube to secure the neck.

V 7 . (5sc, 1in)x6 (42) R

8-14 . 42sc

Insert the eyes between rows 11 and 12. I left 7 stitches between the eyes.

V 15 . (5sc, 1dc)x6 (36) R

16 . (4sc, 1dc)x6 (30) R

17 . (3sc, 1dism)x6 (24)

Fill with fiber.

V 18. (2sc, 1dc)x6 (18) R

19 . (1sc, 1dc)x6 (12) R

20 . 6dism (6)

Close with the magic ring inverted.

Ears (2x)


V 1 . 5 sc in the magic ring. Sew to the sides except rows 8 and 9.

French knot each earlobe with the purple thread to represent the earrings. Embroider the nose between rows 10 and 11, the white and brown of the eyes and the eyebrows. Apply a little blush on your cheeks.


Black or very dark brown

V 1 . 6sc in the magic ring

V 2 . 6aum(12)

V3 . (1sc, 1inc)x6 (18) – in BLO (to make the second layer of locks later!)

Once this part is done, we start the curls. In each of the 18 stitches, chain up and back as specified, fastening with a pc at the end of each thread.

L 1-5 (wing). 15 ch, skip 1 ch, 10inc, 4sc R

6-7 . Ch 21, skip ch one, inc 12, sc 6 R

8-16 . Ch 24, skip ch one, inc 12, sc 11 R

17-18 . ch 21, skip ch one, inc 12, sc 6

Hair (continued)

2nd row of curls

We will make 12 smaller curls using the front loops of row 2, in the same scheme as the previous one.

V 1-12 . 15ch, 10inc, 4sc

To secure it on the head, first glue the middle part to the top, with the fringe facing forward. I use hot glue, but you have to be very careful not to show the glue. You can also use universal glue. Secure the threads with pins and gradually glue them. Fix the upper strands and glue them where necessary.


Black or dark brown

8ch R

1. skip first chain, 6sc, 3sc in last stitch, 4sc in the other side, 1inc.

BL 2-8. 15sc

Finish on the side with 1pc. Join with Clea 9233 and chain 32. Attach to the other side of the bag.

Do the embroidery on the front.


Shape the green wire, adjusting it according to the space between the eyes. Get behind the ears.

Remember that glasses can be dangerous for younger children.

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