Amigurumi Plush Bunny Costume Free Pattern • The Art of Amıgurumı

Amigurumi Plush Bunny Costume Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

I share in this blog are amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs, amigurumi fish, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi parrot, amigurumi giraffe, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunnies, amigurumi cows, amigurumi sheeps, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi snakes, amigurumi mice, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi pumpkins, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi owls, amigurumi cartoon characters, amigurumi twetters, amigurumi caterpillars and more …

Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Bunny
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Description author: Vika LovelyToys

This master class does not contain crochet lessons. The complexity of this descriptions – average. When publishing photo frames related to this master class, please cite the author (Vika Lovelytoys). This master class is intended only for your use, publishing it on the Internet and social networks is PROHIBITED! thanks for understanding and respect for my work. I wish you pleasant knitting and light loops !!!

Materials and tools:

  • thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • double-sided tape (preferably foam)
  • wire 0.5 or 0.7 mm (2 pieces 35-37 cm long.)
  • Aluminum lid (usual for a can on a twist)
  • yarn “DOLCE YARNART” 2 skeins (white)
  • tulle (length 1.6 m, width 22 cm, or two cuts 80cm * 11cm)
  • hook number 4
  • white floss for sewing on details
  • the needle is long
  • white sewing threads
  • filler (holofiber, synthetic fluff, fibertech, etc.)

if you have not previously knitted from plush yarn, then I advise you to look at some
See recommendations on the last page of this file.

VP – air loop
RLS – single crochet
SS – connecting column
3UB – triple decrease (knit three loops into one)
UB – decrease
PR – increase

First, let’s prepare the base for the head.
➢ Cut out two rectangles from cardboard with sides 10 cm and 15 cm.
➢ Along the perimeter of both we glue adhesive tape, on top we lay a wire frame
➢ Fusing two cardboard rectangles
➢ We glue a white sheet on the blank (if the cardboard itself is not white)
➢ We twist the long ends of the wire together to a height of 7 cm
➢ Do not twist the remaining tip
➢ Our head base is ready. Now we proceed to strapping it

1p.) 11 VP. In the second loop from the hook, loop 9 sc, 5 sc in one loop, 8 sc, 4 sc in one loop ..
We put a marker. (26)
2p.) 10 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 1 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 10 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 1 sc, 3
RLS in one loop. (34)
3r.) 11 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 3 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 12 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 3 sc, 3
RLS in one loop, 1 RLS (42)
4p.) 12 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 5 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 14 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 5 sc, 3
RLS in one loop, 2 RLS (50)
5r.) 13 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 7 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 16 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 7 sc, 3

RLS in one loop, 3 RLS (58)
6r.) 14 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 9 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 18 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 9 sc, 3
RLS in one loop, 4 RLS (66)
7r.) 15 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 11 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 20 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 11 sc, 3
RLS in one loop, 5 RLS (74)
8r.) 16 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 13 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 22 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 13 sc, 3

RLS in one loop, 6 RLS (82)
9r.) 17 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 15 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 24 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 15 sc, 3
RLS in one loop, we transfer the marker to the next loop and from this point we count
next row (83)
10r.) We knit for the back half loop. 90 PRS (90)
11r.) For the back pp24 SBN, 3UB, 15 SBN, 3UB, 24 SBN, 3UB, 15 SBN, 3UB (82)
12r.) 22 RLS, 3UB, 13 RLS, 3UB, 22 RLS, 3UB, 13 RLS, 3UB (74)
13r.) We knit for the back half loop. 22 SS, UB, 12 SS, UB, 21 SS, UB, 11 SS, UB
In the 13th row, we do not tighten the loops much, we let them loose, but strongly
there is no need to stretch either. Finish knitting. Cut the thread and hide.

We put on our knitted “cover” on the base of the head starting from the bottom, ie. at first we push the ends of the wire, and then carefully put on the top. The ends we twist the wire into an oval, which should be slightly in diameter less cover

Let’s prepare the bottom for the frame by making a hole in the middle of the metal cover (so that
stretch the thread of the beginning of the row through it). You also need to prepare a weighting agent. I suggest in the capsule from the kinder surprise, put stones previously calcined in the oven (or special metal weights).

We knit in a spiral. We use a marker.
1p) 2 VP. In the second loop from the hook 6СБ (6)
2p.) 6 OL (12)
3p.) (1СБН, ПР) х6 times (18)
4p.) (2SBN, OL) x6 times (24)
5r.) (3SBN, OL) x6 times (30)
6p.) (4SBN, OL) x6 times (36)
7p.) (5SBN, OL) x6 times (42)

8p.) (6СБН, ПР) х6 times (48)
9p.) We knit for the back half loop. 48СБН
10-13r.) 48 PRS (4 rows) (48)
14r.) 3SBN, UB, (6SBN, UB) x 5 times, 3SBN (42)
15-16 R.) 42СБН. (2 rows) If we knit a girl who will have a skirt, then we knit the 15th row for the back half loop

  • before sewing on the head, you need to knit 42СБН for the remaining front half loop of the 15th row (for a girl)
    17r.) (5СБН, УБ) х6 times (36)
    18r.) 36СБН (36)
    19 rubles.) (4СБН, УБ) х6 times. Insert the cover to secure the stable bottom. See Photo (30)
    20 rubles) (3СБН, УБ) х6 times. Insert the head into the body of the frame. We put a weighting agent on an oval made of wire and
    we begin to fill with filler. Stuff tightly (24)
    21r.) (2СБН, УБ) х6 times. We continue to fill. (18)
    22r.) (1СБН, УБ) х6 times. We finish knitting, fill in more, if necessary. Sew the head to the body (12)

Ears (2 parts)
We knit in a spiral. We use a marker.
1 p.) 2VP. In the second loop from the hook (6)
2 p.) 6 OL (12)
3 p.) 12 PRS (12)
4 p.) (1SBN, OL) x6 times (18)
5 p.) 18 PRS (18)
6 p.) (2SBN, OL) x6 times (24)
7 p.) 24 PRS (24)
8 p.) (3SBN, OL) x6 times (30)

9-10r.) 30 PRS (2 rows) (30)
11 p.) (3SBN, UB) x 6 times (24)
12 p.) 24 PRS (24)
13 p.) (2СБН, УБ) х6 times (18)
14 -19 rubles.) 18 PRS (6 rows) (18)
20 p.) 1 sc, fold in half and knit in two halves 9 sc (9)
21 p.) VP, 9SBN. We finish knitting, cut the thread. (nine)

Legs (2 parts)
1p.) 5 VP. In the second loop from the hook PR, 2 SBN, 4 SBN in one loop, 2SBN, PR (12)
2p.) (1СБН, ПР) * 6. (18 )
3-4 R.) 18 PRS (2 rows) (18)
5r.) (2 PRS, OL) * 6 (24)
6p.) (3SBN, OL) * 6 (30)
7-8 R.) 24 PRS (2 rows). Start filling. We fill it loosely. (thirty)
9r.) (3SBN, UB) * 6 (24)
10r.) 24 PRS (24)

11r.) (2СБН, УБ) * 6 (18)
12r.) 18 PRS (18)
13r.) (1СБН, УБ) * 6 times (12)
14r.) 6 UB (6)

Finish knitting, cut the thread and hide.
On the top of the foot (closer to the heel, i.e. the narrower part), we collect 11СБН and knit 5 rows in a circle.
If this is not convenient for you, then you can dial 11VP, close in a ring and tie 5 rows with columns
without a crochet, and then sew the resulting detail to the foot.

Handles (2 parts)
1p.) 6 VP. In the second loop from the hook 5 СБН, 3 СБН in one loop, 4СБН, ПР (14)
2p.) PR, 4SBN, PR * 3 times, 4SBN, PR * 2 times (20)
3-4 R.) 20 PRS (2 rows) (20)
5r.) (8 PRS, UB) * 2 times (18)

6p.) (7СБН, УБ) * 2 times (16)
7p.) (1СБН, УБ) * 5 times, 1СБН (11)
8-13r.) 11СБН (6 rows) We fill only the bottom of the handles (11)
14r.) Fold in half and knit 5СБН, СС. We finish knitting. Cut the thread and hide it.

1 p.) 2VP, in the second from the hook 6СБН. (6)
2.p.) 6 OL (12)
3p) for the rear PP 12SBN. We fix and cut the thread.

Skirt (photo frame for girls)
We take cuts of tulle, fold and stitch along the edge with a “forward needle” seam with a thin thread.
We tighten the thread so that the top of the skirt turns out to be about 32 cm in diameter. (Body diameter
frames in the area of the 15th row). Sew at the bottom of the 15th row)

-we sew on the tail
-we sew the handles just under the head

  • we sew on the legs.
  • sew on ears
    -Decorate the frame to your liking (bow tie, tie, bows, etc.)
    -insert a photo of the baby. It is better to print a photo with a size of 13 * 18cm, and then
    cut to size 10 * 15cm. So the face in the photo is larger.

Useful tips for working with Dolce yarn.
(more information here: ) The author of the article is Galina Chudinova.

  1. When filling toys, pay attention to the amount of filler.
    When filled with a lot of filler, the yarn will stretch and the legs of the toys may change.
    at the rate of.
  2. Do not use the amigurumi magic ring at the beginning of knitting.
    It is better to knit 2 air loops, and in the 2nd air loop already knit the required amount
    columns. Then pull the loops a little and, due to the fluffiness, the hole will not be noticeable.
    It is better not to use the amigurumi magic ring, because you simply cannot tighten it. If
    pull the thread, then all the pile from the thread flies off and only the base remains, which is easily torn (:
  3. Most of the toys are already knitted in a spiral, but for Dolce this is a must. Lift loops are not
    to knit.
  4. Try to knit without mistakes, the yarn should not be unraveled.
    At the first dissolution, the pile climbs a little. If you dissolve it again, then the pieces will already spill out.
    It is believed that Dolphin Baby Himalaya yarn (analogue of Dolce) deteriorates already at the first dissolution.
  5. The canvas should be dense, without gaps, but at the same time the hook should move calmly during
    knitting. A hook that is too thin can ruin the thread and cause the pile to creep.
  6. When sewing parts, such as the head and body, be guided by the rule – try seven times, one
    sew. Fix the part with pins often, every 0.5-1 cm.Otherwise, there is a possibility that
    the detail will “creep”. It will not be possible to repulse it painlessly.
  7. Stuff the toy gently, but not loosely. Excessive filler will stretch the knitted fabric, appear
    gaps. Make sure that the part takes the desired beautiful shape, remember the part with your hands,
    the filler will lie smoother.
    Hope this information helps you to handle this yarn and get a great result.
    If it is difficult to find Dolce’s yarn for someone, then toy masters offer analogues:
  8. Himalaya Dolphin baby. 120 m in 100 g Almost identical to Dolce
  9. Adelia Dolly 40 g in 100 g (much thicker than Dolce) Yarn is produced in Australia. Better for her
    use hook # 9.
  10. Plush Nazar 38 m 50 g thicker than Dolce, but thinner than Adelia Dolly. Hook # 6 will do.
  11. Panda Nazar 120 m in 100 g melange colors.
    5.Kartopu yumurcak 95m in 100g
  12. Ayaz Baby Soft 110 m in 100 g analog of Dolce
  13. Alize Softy If Dolce is not there, then you can take the more affordable Alize Softy and knit in 2 threads, then it appears
    the marshmallow effect, like Dolce’s, and the loops are clearly visible.

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