Amigurumi Evil-Eye (Nazar) Beads Free Pattern

Pattern by: aysegokgoz


Gazzal Baby Cotton knitting yarns;

White (3432)

Dark Blue (3431)

Light Blue (3423)

Black (3433)


Crochet: 1.50 mm

Key holder

Start with black color.

  1. Magic Ring inc 7* (7)
  2. Slip Stitch 7x(14)

Continue with turquoise color.

  • Slip Stitch (x, v)*7 (21)
  • Slip Stitch (2x, v)*7 (28)
  • Slip Stitch (3x, v)*7 (35)

Continue with white color.

  • Slip Stitch 35x (35)
  • Slip Stitch (4x, v)*7 (42)

Continue with dark blue color.

  • Slip Stitch, 42x (42)
  • Slip Stitch, (6x, v)*6 (48)
  • Slip Stitch, , (7x, v)*6 (54)

It is knitted in 2 pieces, front and back.

Knit from the front of the knit. (FLO)

Filled with fiber before the end of sewing.

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