Amigurumi Little Mermaids Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

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Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Mermaid
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Free crochet master class from Irina Moilova on crocheting a little mermaid. To make the doll, the author used a 1.0 mm crochet hook and Seam “Anna 16” cotton yarn. The handles of the toy are attached to the body with a button fastening. From the description of the scheme, you will also learn how to knit a headband for a little mermaid.
Materials (edit)

  • | use Anna 16 by Seam yarn (100% cotton, 529 meters / 100
    gram) *
  • Filler
  • | use a steel hook (size 1 mm)
  • scissors
  • large needle
  • small buttons
    This is an American instruction.
    Color A (milky, vanilla, brown), Color B (dark blue, purple, light blue),
    color C (turquoise, pink, orange)
    ! crochet in two strands (double-stranded crochet)
    vp – air loop
    KA – the magic ring of amigurumi
    sbn – single crochet
    pr – increase
    ub – decrease

Yarn A.
Round 1: 6sc to CA
Round 2: 6pr (12)
Round 3: * sc, pr * 6 (18)
Round 4: * 2sbn, pr * 6 (24)
Round 5: * 3sbn, pr * 6 (30)
Round 6: * 4sbn, pr * 6 (36)
Round 7: * 5sbn, pr * 6 (42)
Round 8: * 6sbn, pr * 6 (48)
Round 9 – 15: 48sbn (48sts)
Round 16: * 6sbn, ub * 6 (42)
Round 17: * 5sbn, ub * 6 (36)
Round 18: * 4sbn, ub * 6 (30)
Round 19: * 3sbn, ub * 6 (24)
Round 20: * 2sbn, ub * 6 (18)
Round 21: * sc, dec * 6 (12). Fasten the thread.

Color B
Round 1: 6sc to CA
Round 2: 6pr (12)
Round 3: * sc, pr * 6 (18)
Round 4: * 2sbn, pr * 6 (24)
Round 5: * 3sbn, pr * 6 (30)
Round 6: * 4sbn, pr * 6 (36)
Round 7: * 5sbn, pr * 6 (42)
Round 8: * 6sbn, pr * 6 (48)
Round 9 – 17: 48sbn (48sts)
Put your hat on your head.
There are 7 rows between the edge of the hat and the crown of the head.
Sew on.

Yarn C.
First half:
Row 1: 2vp, in 2 loop, sc, vp, turn (1)
Row 2: pr, run, turn (2)
Row 3: 2pr, run, turn (4)
Row 4-79: 4sbn, run, turn (4)
Second half:
Row 80: 2ub, run, turn (2)
Row 81: kill, run
Bandage length 29cm.
! If the dressing is short or too long, repeat cycle 79 to the size you need !!!
Attach the headband. Make a double knot.

Use embroidery thread to embroider your eyes
(between 8 and 9 rows below), freckles and nose.

Tail / Body
Yarn C
Details 2 fins
Round 1: 4sc to CA
Round 2: * sc, pr * 2 (6)
Round 3: * sc, pr * 3 (9)
Round 4-5: 9sbn (9)
Round 6: * sc, dec * 3 (6)
Do not cut off the thread on the second fin.

Connect two pieces together
Round 7: 12sbn.
Yarn B
Round 8: 6ub (6)
Round 9: * sc, pr * 3 (9)
Round 10: 9sbn
Round 11: 9pr (18)
Round 12: 18sbn
Round 13: * 2sbn, pr * 6 (24)
Round 14-15: 24sbn (24)
Round 16: * 2sbn, kill * 6 (18sts)
Round 17: 18sbn (18sts)
Yarn A
Round 18-19: 18sbn (18sts)
Don’t fill in fins, just tail and body.
Connect the body and head (sew on).

Yarn A
Round 1: 6sc to CA
Round 2 – 6: 6sbn
Connect the two sides of the hand together using sc.

Sew the arms to the body or connect with small buttons.

Decorate the cheecks with drt pastel

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